Monday, June 14, 2010


Seeing as the World Champs are opening today it would seem only fair to mention that the Azzuri was the other team that played in the 1970 World Cup Final in Mexico. A Tremendous team, who many thought might be able to shut down the high powered Brazilians. Gianna Rivera, Luigi Riva, Faccechitti and of course the great Dino Zoff, who for that whole summer I called Koff cause I got my Ks and Z's mixed up. A slap on the ear from Brendy Murphy, " ya eeejit", changed that quirk quicker that any teacher could. These cards are from James Doyle's original collection. His mother Rita mailed them to him last week. James is not quite sure if this was from "Shoot" magazine or "Sweetie Fags". Either way we didn't get any of the double entendre as kids in cloistered Ireland.
Thanks Rita. Click on the image for a closer look at pre hippie, late sixties Euro hairdo

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