Monday, June 21, 2010

The Chocolate Genius and the Talking Head

These are the two images I will be showing this weekend at Polaroid: Instant Joy at A.M. Richard Fine Art in Williamsburg. They are of musicians David Byrne and Marc Anthony Thompson. David one time leader of Talking Heads and Marc founder of the music cooperative Chocolate genius Inc. I created this series at the rehearsals for the Tibet House concert series at Carnegie Hall. Shot on Polaroid only, combining the 8x10 809 and 804, a cross processing of Color and Black & White film. Everyone has their own favorite Polaroid and this is mine. This was not that long ago, 2005, but even then this was one the only ways to get the acquired look of sepia, unlike today's digi effects.
I shot on Polaroid because I knew I wouldn't have much time and wanted the subjects to be as comfortable as possible quickly, also its expensive so it was either one or the other. 8x10 is a real ice breaker especially when people, musicians, actors etc are(were) used to much smaller versions. Today they would think you were insane to show them 2 1/4 Polaroid. So we pinned them up and more and more of the musicians showed up for their shot and I did it two years running. Still love the shots and had an awesome time doing it.

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jonathan said...

awesome Ber
how'd you do that again? was it an 809 Neg and a 805 Positive, or the other way around

thanks for the lab info!