Tuesday, July 31, 2007


There are many terrific reasons for living in NYC. Quite honestly the list is endless, but there is one thing almost all New Yorkers can agree on, rodents can be a problem. Cut to bucolic Columbia County,Upstate New York. Farm land, lakes, summer haze rising off the pastures and RATS NEST IN MY ENGINE!!!!. So you can imagine the scene, relaxing in the great wide open, birds twittering outside you window, bees buzzing and then you hear your wife and to be honest myself shriek at the site of a rodents home in your car. This weekend alone we saw deer, fox, blue heron, Hawks, Fish and a fuckin fried rat. Now last weekend I filled up with oil and coolant and I can quite assure you that big balloon was not coming out of the battery. So in one week the rat found a home, stole some kids balloon, had coffee at Dunkun Doughnuts, read many a newspaper, and found a wristband. Only in New York.
PS Thats the rat on the left hand side.

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