Friday, July 13, 2007

Queen vs Queen

Well the story was too good to be true. I was laughing before I read 2 sentences. Our beloved Queen of Photography bollocks out the Queen of England. Priceless. Anybody who has worked with Annie Leibovitz and we all know plenty of people have who have, say this would seem to be about par for the course. This apparently was how it went.

Leibovitz photographed the queen in March at Buckingham Palace to mark the monarch's state visit to the U.S. in May. The session was recorded as part of ``A Year With the Queen,'' a documentary to be shown later this year on the BBC One. The trailer was shown yesterday at the channel's preview of its autumn season.

In one clip, here, the queen is wearing the traditional floor- length Garter robe of the monarch. Leibovitz tells the queen she will look better without her tiara because ``the Garter robe is so ...,'' Before the photographer can say ``extraordinary,'' the queen points to the robe, saying, ``Less dressy. What do you think this is?''

In the next clip, the queen appears to walk off, telling an aide, ``I'm not changing anything. I've had enough dressing like this, thank you very much.''

Now I'm lovin' this, how perfect, Annie the arbiter of court fashion. But then the BBC come out and apologise saying the footage of the queen walking was filmed as she entered the room, before the photo session began and the manipulated it to seem like there had been friction between them. But still its the Queen of England not Victoria Beckham. "Yo Queen that thing on you head, yeah its...... too DRESSY. Yes the Tiara made by Garrard in the 1870's, royally past down for generations, too dressy. Priceless.


Christopher said...

Wow, I knew Annie had an ego but to ask the Queen to remove her crown. If only Lord Litchfield was still alive, this would have never happened.

Ber Murphy said...
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Ber Murphy said...

Yeah except when the Lord shot her for her silver Jubilee he took a day and a half to set up and when she came in, took one look at him and said "right, one minute thank you very much". Even in the Royal Court Nepotism is dead.

Michele said...

Let's see how the Queen rates regarding the basic rules for accessorizing:

• It's okay to mix silver and gold - check

• Focus on one key accessory, such as a necklace or circa 1790s jewel-encrusted tiara - check

• Most importantly – keep it simple, chic, and feminine - Oh well, she it The Queen after all!

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