Friday, July 20, 2007


Spent a nice afternoon in Billyburg last week visiting galleries including A. M. Richards Fine Art. This great space is on the second floor of a Brooklyn brownstone, with beautiful Afternoon light. The main attraction of the visit was old friend, painter Susan Wanklyn's new work, who along with Jessica Weiss form the the bulk of the exhibit. Both artist's work play off each other wonderfully in this setting. But a nice surprise was to find Jill Freedman, standard bearer for New York photojournalists for the last 30 years or so, be part of the last exhibition. After speaking with owner Ann Marie for awhile I find out Jill has not one but two books on Ireland in publication, one better than the next, A TIME THAT WAS & IRELAND EVER, with forwards by the now world renowned McCourt brothers, non the less. The images are terrific and feel like a continuation of "Dorothea Lange's Ireland", 20 years later. Yet in some respects the country had changed so little in those years it feels like they could have been shot simultaneously. Andrew Hetherington's "Made in Ireland" series feels like the bookend to the trilogy, now that I think of it. Life's funny, if you head off with good intentions on one road its amazing how many different roads open in front of you, wanted to see some great work by a specific person and end up overloaded with incredible work by many different artists. Oh and by the way check out photographer Andrew Garne, who has some beautiful work up at Ann Marie Richards also. Good work people.

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