Monday, March 5, 2007

The Big Broadcast

For the last 22 years Rich Connaty has broadcast his radio program from the halls of Fordham University, WFUV. This is my favorite radio show of all time. If you do not live in the New York Metropolitan area you will not receive the live Sunday night signal of "The Big Broadcast", actually even if you do live within its radius you still may not get the signal as I think Fordham uses as old set of Rabbits ears I threw out years ago as a transmitter. Still, Rich may have the largest collection of the Great American Songbook, from their original recordings on '78, in the world. Long before Ella and Frank jumped on the band wagon in the 50's, never mind Rod the Mod, Eddie Cantor - Mildred Baily - Rudy Vallee and Der Bingle created a sound that was not only original but truly American. So sit back on Sunday's, or listen on the archive and hear how Tin Pan Alley really sounded, back in the day.

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