Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Beast

Still life Photographer Mark Laita just opened his portrait show in the Fahey/Klein gallery in L.A., reports are that it went very well. The Reason I bring it up is because he used one of the most outlandish cameras still in use. Yes, The Beast. The Gowlandflex 8x10 twin-lens reflex, I know, its a monster. At almost 3 ft tall it dwarfs almost any other view cameras. Poloroid 20x40 can just about rest easy. I assisted with Mark when he started this project a few years back and he brought the beast to N.Y.. I loved it, any large formater worth his salt would give his eye teeth just for a try. Still it has its place and for my work it would have me dead of a heart attack in days. Anyway, great news that Alternative process?? is alive and well, if you can afford it.

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sexy - any shots of laita in action

how heavy is it ?

how bigs the tripod

i guess its too big for carry on

he gotta big case for it ?