Monday, April 26, 2010

HSNY Photo Benefit.

The 3rd annual Humane Society New York auction is tonight at Diane Von Furstenberg studio on 14th Street and I am happy to say I will be donating the above piece from Sleeping Giant. Now if you show up you will have quite a few choices. There will be my image and then there will be the "portrait session" with....Patrick Demarchelier, yes indeed. The starting price for the session is $50,000.00. My piece comes sintra mounted, with UV plexi and framed by Clint Downing Of Downing Frames in Bklyn. The portrait session DOES NOT come with hair and makeup. Its a tough one, I know!!! You could do both, nobody would think any less of you and sure its for the cause isn't it? I wonder if there's going to be anyone we know at this thing


M.A. Lee said...

You are in some pretty heady photographic company. Deservedly so.

william said...

I hope you get a cool mil, Ber. It's a lovely photograph. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

i love it and for a great cause eddie ant