Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Henry Hill and Juniors!!!!! Yes indeed, the leading figure in the tell all mobster tale Goodfellas is a devotee of Juniors restarurant. Now many people may think that its the Juniors diner chain that have been dotted around Manhattan for years, but one would be wrong. Chris McLallen pointed this out to me as he noticed, while scouring the BBC, that it was the little family owned, heavy on Italian joint, in Long Island City. He remembered the shot from my project SLEEPING GIANT. I have looked at that building many different ways while working on SG, trying to find my quintessential angle, but could never get over the fact that here was a restaurant with silos emerging from its roof. I read the book Goodfellas long before the movie came out and Henry Hill was so clear and concise in his retelling of the crimes and there proximity to where I lived, I felt as if they happened just down the street. Well I'm sure some of them did. Now that Signora Hill is apart of the local lore, that image takes a slightly different tone for me. Listen to the interview, don't know if its just bravado or lunacy but that guy is still not someone to mess with. And of course look for the shoot of him outside Juniors

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