Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Andy Adams sure did get around last week. I love when someone comes in from out of town, just has an allotted amount of time to see people.... and off they go. Andy is the creator of FlakPhoto, where he designed a terrific Blog on photography. To call Flak a blog is a disservice to the Site as Andy is far more advanced in the tech dept. than most of us photo bloggers. The site Curates an image a day as well features on individual, group shows, and in Print books. He coraled not only myself, but Amy Stein, Andrew Hetherington, Jonathan Larson, Joshua Lutz to name few. He was all inquiries on how the business model is working for us and how can we move forward in the new tech /photo age, and brought and outsiders opinion to our struggle, which is always eyeopening. He also likes a little Jameson which endears him to almost everyone. Hope to see him for the photo festival in May


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