Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After spending quite some time diligently shooting, cataloguing and producing SLEEPING GIANT | 11101 REZONED, my Large Format project on the urban uprising in Long Island City, N.Y., it is with great pleasure that I can announce that the uber prestigious Noguchi Museum in New York has decided to to carry my self- published book in its museum store. I feel very honored that this weighty institution sees this project as one that fits their artistic sensibilities. The book itself is 13x11 hardcover, made by Blurb. As we all know feedback is the litmus test for our work and so far it has been terrific.
Some history on SG's new home. Created by Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), the Museum opened in 1985, presenting a comprehensive collection of the artist's works in stone, metal, wood, and clay, as well as models for public projects and gardens, dance sets, and Akari Light Sculptures. The Museum--chartered as The Noguchi Museum--is housed in thirteen galleries within a converted factory building and encircles a garden containing major granite and basalt sculptures. In addition to housing and exhibiting a collection of Noguchi's works, the Museum also serves the international art community by loaning works to other institutions for special exhibitions, organizing traveling exhibitions, and offering scholars access to the artist's extensive archives, including his records, correspondence, manuscripts, and photographs. The Museum also collaborates with The Isamu Noguchi Foundation in Japan.
Great thanks to Bonnie Rychlack and Douglas DiNapoli for making this happen.


William Scalia said...

Congratu-ma-lations, Mr. Murph.

Leslie Harris said...

Ber! This is great! Yay for you.