Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McCARREN POOL (over and out)

A couple of weeks ago I started to shoot some work in McCarren Park, Brooklyn, and posted some images with the feeling that I could put together some sort of project or at least create a collection of interesting images. Not long after, word came back that the Architecture agency, who were getting the designs ready for the new look pool, they weren't so crazy about my project anymore. Whaaaat??? The police had asked a member of the management team to leave the premises even though he had keys and id. So another project falls through, wasn't the first wont be the last.I then find out yesterday that the reason behind all the police activity is.... DEAD BODY in the park. Nobody is quite sure who it is yet or how long it was there but I had stuck my head into a few if the old changing rooms, just to have a look. That would not have been fun. The Gothamist blog reported it back in July. I have only come across one other dead body in all my time in New York. I took a photograph. It wasn't my best day. So, the remaining images of McCarren Pool circa 2008 will be some nimrod, in a stone cold stupor, shakin his ass to a reformed Devo. Wooooooo

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