Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I spent last week in Los Angeles, part of a 8 day stretch of work on the West coast, and then seg wayed down to my wife's old home town of San Diego. While I was there I began to research the wild fires and its devastation for the unfortunate ones who lost their homes . Not on a New Orleans size or scope but the individual randomness of it all. These blazes were so disprit, one house standing the next one incinerated, all based on the direction of the wind and some errant ember. I felt queasy about going in to document what had transpired, not really my cup of tea, but at the same time had not seen anyone tell this side of the story. So out of my bubble and comfort zone and .........I haven't seen my effort yet but I will have something to show reasonably soon I'm sure. Anyway that's me with the mother-in-laws ladder, cant really carry one on the plane anymore, so you have to borrow as you go. Thanks to Joanne and Evan Bloom for all their help down there.

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