Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Ran into old friend photographer Francois Dishinger (see Francois's GQ spread in last month's issue) last night and he told me House and Garden magazine was closing in December. Francois has done oceans of work for them through the years and was feeling for all his compadres who will be out looking for new work. New people at new magazines means new work. He didn't feel so bad after that. Anyway, Lots of large format guys have cut their teeth on that magazine and found ways into the Conde Nast labyrinth of work. My lasting memory of the mag came last December. Everyone was blogging and talking about Robert Polidori's opening at the Met, for his book on New Orleans. The scope of the tome he had produced had people apolectict, and now the work was being elevated to the Holiest of sights. The MET. But there was Big Bob out in someones garden doing his three page spread for H & G. When your working your working.

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J Doyle said...

It is very sad as there are very few magazines that carry our work.