Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The Weekender Spent this Saturday with the great people who run Spencertown Academy. This arts run center is based in Upstate NY and has an arts-in-education program, musical events and a terrific gallery among many other assets. Right now it is showing Graduate work form the Cornell University Studios. Pretty interesting. It was time for their annual Fall Book Festival and and my wife and I were happy to help out in the fund raiser, the culmination of the weekends festivities being the Harvest Dinner. This was held at the farm of Karen and George Jahn with Columbia County and the Berkshires getting ready to blaze with Autumn, Spectacular. Of course a photograph of this would tie all this together but no such luck. Guests, Ruth Reichl, editor of Gourmet magazine, John Orloff, screenwriter of the Mariann Pearl story A Mighty Heart, Peter Biskind, writer of Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, were in attendance. At our table were author/artist Marc Rosenthal, his beautiful book PHOOEY is now out, and his wife Eileen. Also photographer/mixed media artist Linda Soberman and her husband Carlos. Dinner was veg corn chowder, followed by butterflied leg o lamb and everything was harvested with twenty miles of the academy. Boggle Merlot went down very easily as all our table can attested to, by sending me off to procure another bottle before they shut the barn down. Many thanks to board member Al Vink, who got us involved in the academy.

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