Friday, September 7, 2007


Nice piece in the Smithsonian magazine this month about the photo process unveiled 100 years ago by the Lumieres, them again, the Autochrome. With all the different and excellent writings and shows on the history of color photography, (Martin Parr, Christian Patterson,) this seemed complementary. The photos in the Magazine are far better than on line so if you get a chance to sneak a peak somewhere its worth it. The process seems quite outrageous, potatoes and silver bromide, but what photographic process isn't and the outcome is wondrous, as if Seurat himself picked up the camera and said this is what I want it to look like. The way things are going in the sheet film world I may have to farm a couple of acres of spuds, see if the wife will give up the spaghetti squash in her garden.

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Christopher said...

Stunning! Interesting to read that the original purple dye for this process came from a now extinct sea creature. Look forward to seeing your results.