Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Most Beautiful Born

Great post from the Online Photographer in regards to "airbrushing" of celebs. If you have ever worked in the larger studios in NYC you see this go on all the time as they try to sell you their digital package. You can browse the celebrity clean up line with your latte, and notice he's got the same scar I do. Not for long boyo. But I haven't been around those studios too much lately so I have forgotten just how insane it really looks. It just blows me away what they try to sell up the river. No wonder kids are bulimic. The chic form Grey's Anatomy's tits are raised at least 3 inches. I love the guy with the pimple on his nose, Kelly Clarkeson loses 4 inches all round and Eva Longoria, and they made SKINNIER!!!! Impossible, what magic. Anyway if you have teenagers, or even God forbid adults you know who idolize these people, go to iwannexstudio, click on portfolio and scroll over the most beautiful born among us. God bless Penelope Cruz, who doesn't love one breast higher than the other.

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