Thursday, August 23, 2007

Image resizing

I received an email from regular Pelicula 64 devotee Scott McDermott last night, with this very interesting You Tube video on image resizing. Basically an algorithm software for changing the size of an image without distorting it. Watching the first minute or two is really fun till you realize exactly how this could and will be used in our business. Scott's words were "interesting, aside from the artistic and ethical ramifications". Right on. I Love the narrator who comforts all of us with " we gracefully re size the image to fit into a window". Can't you see it now, break you heart to set up a shot, with specific this, that, and the other thing, all coinciding just to make your image, YOURS. Then some schmuck comes along at a magazine and squares up your perfectly aligned 8x10.... just so as it fits.......who will notice? This is well worth keeping an eye on because it will be used. Right on Scott thanks for noticing.

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