Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Well Aipad and the Humane Society Auction have come and gone and that was quite a weekend for the business side of photography. The Artistic side is another matter. I do not think of myself as naive but I'm not quite sure what to make of it all, being involved in one and a spectator in the other, it does seem to leave you with more questions than answers. Most of all you wonder if the photographers involved have control over what's shown in these shows or really care. Of course many of the participants do not see how their work is portrayed but I'm sure if they did they might just about scream. On the other hand they may be just so happy their work is for sale, (see no evil, hear no evil, etc). Many of us who attended the Armoury show noticed how much more impressive the images would be if a little more care was supplied in sizing, framing, matt, glass etc. Its not a gallery show but a little somethin'. Now we all know its name recognition that counts for many sales and overhearing conversations between dealers left nothing to the imagination, sell, sell, sell. And to the Europeans the deader the better, like coals to Newcastle. Nothing for sale past 1950. The auction is a different crap shoot, less formal than Aipad, very well executed by the Society, hung beautifully but still many images were just thrown together, either by photographers, reps, agency's, gallery's, pretty slip sod. But immediately you can recognize the people who put in a little effort and it shows. Simon Watson's "Topkapi" looked terrific, as did Andrew Hetherington's "Cow", Arun Kuplas "Bunker",Chip Forelli's "Tree Parade" and Diego Utchitel's "Blue Flower". The one image I was excited to bid on, Andrew Moore's "Russian Trees" looked lost, I was beggin' for one of the others in his Russia series, click on his site to see why. Personally I felt very good going up against many of the artists I have admired for such a long time, and seemingly the bidders felt that way also as SKYSCAPE #1 met its opening bid and more. Here's hoping the wife's bid for Simon's image is accepted.

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