Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Humane Society Auction

The 2nd annual Humane Society of NY Photography auction is at the Baryshnikov Art Center in NYC on 4.16.07 I have been asked to submit an image which I was only too glad to do. I was quite surprised to see how many photographers were involved and delighted that they all were willing to give to this cause. Of course also wanting to see our images hung on any wall this side of the Urals is impetus enough to get our collective asses up to do something. Actually "What's The Jackanory?" has a piece on what all this means in the grand scheme of things to us photographers, in a recent post. Many Grand Masters included, (no not Melle Mel or Scorpio) but Sander, Bourke-White and Steichen. Plenty of Modern Masters, Mary Ellen, Duane Michaels, Deborah Turbeville. The Glitterati, Albert Watson, Matthew Rolston, La Chappelle and of course some good friends, Andrew Hetherington, Arun Kuplas, Francois Dishinger. I will be submitting SKYSCAPE #1 and you can bid on line if you like. If that's not your bag all of these photographers work is available plus much more, something for everyone. Bid once, bid often.

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Klutchcargo said...

Great work on the blog!! Checkd out the LIC photos on your website, excellent!! They soon might be hanging on some yuppie's wall on Jackson Ave! Would love to see some at night!