Friday, May 9, 2014

Sherry-Netherland Hidden Fresco

After a year of painstaking conservation efforts, a 1927 fresco hidden underneath over a dozen layers of white paint and plaster has been unearthed. Then-prolific artist Joseph Aruta painted the ceiling in the lobby of the iconic Sherry-Netherland Hotel on 59th Street in the Beaux-Arts style, but it was mysteriously covered up. It took five Evergreene Architectural Arts conservationists to unveil the 860-square-foot mural, which has all the customary frills, flourishes, and cherubs. Here are the first set of images I shot for the Hotel. Check out Evergrenne"s video of the actual work in progress, at the bottom of the page.

Front Fresco Center

Front Fresco Final

Middle fresco Final

Fresco Lobby Final

© All Images Ber Murphy 2014

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