Monday, July 25, 2011

RED BULL ARENA, HARRISON, N.J., 7.22.10, 8:17p.m.

Red Bull Final
Image © Ber Murphy 2011

Major League Soccer's All Star Wednesday is upon us and this year it is being hosted by the local boys, New York Red Bulls, in their brand new footb.... soccer only arena, designed by Rossetti Architects. If it wasn't for the fact that it is being played in Harrison N.J., a stones throw from us here in the city, I don't think too many people around here would be so interested in new Summer Classic?, but the 25,000 seats are sold and I'm sure the hometown fans will be cheering on their  heroes. Differencing itself from the usual All Star games, this one suits up MLS's best, not against each other but against a visiting eleven. Usually a European or South American powerhouse, this years team is.....ohhhh I get it now, tkts are gone, Becks is in town playing his childhood team,.... second best team in Europe as of May 28th,...... is.....Manchester United. Best of luck with that lads!! Anyway, last year we made it out for one of the opening games and left nicely impressed with this new addition to the New York City's rich stadium history. The two and a half hours to get out of the parking lot, not so much impressed.

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