Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Only in a newspaper like The New York Post, with the most dubious of credentials to begin, would one get the back handed compliment of almost glowing exhibition reviews but not actually crediting the creative. Apparently Matthew Brady himself rose from his post Civil War grave and coerced David Byrne into a portrait session. What do you expect!!


craig said...

Who needs credit Ber? that could lead to recognition, and to opportunity for more work that could help support a creative so they can keep doing what they love. Then we wouldn't be recognizable by that common "oh shit more bills and no checks" look that we all sport on our way to the pub with our laundry money...

Meredith said...

Hi Ber,

As the author of the post, I wanted to let you know that the piece has been updated with the credit. Through an editing error it was removed and not caught in time. My apologies it wasn't there to begin with and for any distress it might have caused you. There was no ill-will intended.