Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Home for Pepsi

In the 70 years that the Pepsi Cola sign has been in existence only Pepsi employee's have been able to view the sign from the Queens side of NYC, them and smallpox victims on Roosevelt Island. The Sign was planted firmly on the roof of its bottling plant and stood 20 ft from the East river. That is until now. The landmarked sign has a new footpath, as part of Gantry State Park, that one can Promanade through and almost get to touch the historical show piece. People riding over the Queensboro bridge have always been able to view the 60 foot high sign but it wasn't till the evolution of the Queens West waterfront and the moving of the sign, (Pepsi moved their plant to College Point) that we are now able to stand in Queens County and view one of New York City's most adored cultural icons. I first saw the sign from the Beekman Tower, a 360 degree cocktail bar across the street from the UN. I marveled at the "Skyline" only to be told I was looking in the wrong direction, east faced Queens, west faced the real Skyline, Jaysus what did I know. To me it was all New York, and that monstrous red illumination meant I was definitely not in Kansas anymore. Over the years that sign, in all its Americana neon glory has stayed with me, as it has for millions of New Yorkers, as much a reference point for coming home, as for its cultural importance. It now has found its new home planted firmly on the East side of the skyline, for all to view.

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craig said...

whoo hoo, I was pleasantly pleased to see an update on your blog Ber. Hope all is well.