Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Colorama

This is a great piece in the Times today about advertising in Grand Central Station or the lack there of. For about 40 years the east balcony was filed with a giant photographic mural, actually a 60 ft. chrome called the Colorama. Described as the worlds largest photograph, I remember it vividly the first time I arrived in the venerable station, the size that is. The image I believe was some birds?? I don't think I had ever seen an image that size before. You were really in New York now. By the time it was ready to come down it had lost its glory and to say it was dated would be kind. Kodak was the brains behind this, see all the various images through the years here. I love that photographer David Dunlap took both shots and by god he got pretty close to his original.

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