Thursday, June 19, 2008


Trying to survive the day to day trials of our fair city is hard enough without taking on the good fight against all things commercial, but reading the Op Ed page in the Daily News today I felt quite ashamed that I hadn't jumped on Dick Zigan's band wagon before now. Dick is the unnofficial mayor of Coney Island, Brooklyn. A modern day PT Barnum, he is the founder of CONEY ISLAND USA, CONEY ISLAND CIRCUS SHOW, producer of THE MERMAID PARADE and has been a figure in the dark arts since I arrived in the City. He wrote and produced one of the first plays my wife appeared in, our cat is named for the mythical "Feejee the mermaid", from said show.
He is also director of the CONEY ISLAND DEVELOPMENT CORP, which has being trying to save whats left of one of the most famous resorts in all the world, The Coney Island Amusement Park. His eleoquint piece on the saving of New York's National institution, while remaining cognasent of the need for city input and the bullying pyranha to have their say, seemed so ...evolved. Read the Op Ed page for the complete detailed account of the ten year journey. But of course as always in these type of negotiations, once one sides gives, the other tries to take advantage and so again the the city just seems to want suck up every last inch of city soil in its quest for the Vegasing/Disneying of NYC. Just when the CIDC thinks it has achieved a morally and commercially viable solution, that would save what's left of the working man's oasis, up jumps the mayor and his cronies with more slabs of luxury living.
Dick and his troop are the very heart and soul of what makes NYC the capitol of the world, and I don't mean venture capitol of the world. They have carved out a niche for themselves in an area that politicians, as well as everyone else, had givin up on as a poster child of urban blight. Now the visionaries that run our city see that a lifestyle that seemed so you outside the norm twenty years ago, is possibly what will save and revive this great area to its former glory. So what is the other sides offering in moral high ground, lets fuck em and take it for ourselves. Lovely. Contact the CIDC to give whatever help you can before Dick takes his show and goes home.

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