Saturday, December 15, 2007


This is one of the many thing I love about being a New Yorker. I heard this show the first year I arrived in the city and thought I'd found everyone I had been looking for.

"Just before Christmas in 1970, Jonathan Schwartz decided to do something a little different for his morning show at the late, still-lamented WNEW-AM.

He asked his father, songwriter Arthur Schwartz, to fly in from London and join him to talk about music, play some of that music and sing songs.

Thirty-eight Christmases later, Arthur Schwartz is gone. But the show goes on, and Sunday on WNYC (93.9 FM), Jonathan will host what has now become his annual Christmas talk-and-music gathering, noon-4 p.m.

This time around, guests will include Andrew Bergman, John Wideman, Charles Osgood, Tierney Sutton, the John Pizzarelli Quartet, John Guare, Jessica Molasky, Tony Monte, Mark Simone, Hillary Kole, Mike Renzi, Jay Leonhart, Judy Carmichael, Harry Allen and various members of the Schwartz family - which in a real sense, says Schwartz, describes everyone there.

"It's a show that's about family," he says - a family that makes music and talks about a wide range of subjects in a way that makes the listener feel part of the family, too.

It's one of New York radio's warmest holiday traditions." NY DAILY NEWS.

Along with Phil Schapp he has probably the greatest encyclopedic mind for American Popular Music but in terms of broadcasting he has no peer

This is simulcast on XM Satailite radio

Along with Aimee Mann's 2nd Christmas Extravaganza on Friday night, this will get me totally in the spirit of the season.

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