Friday, June 22, 2007


Well its been a terrible long time between posts, many apologies. Most of this time was spent in Europe, then back here and straight back into more work. I would have posted in Antibes, Cotes d'Azure (above) but some back water experiences occurred that threw me for bit of a loop. Usually I would have been electrically set up but forgetting my transformer and trying to get one in the South of France and South of Ireland turned out to be more than I could overcome so to hell with posting. Shoot, drink, eat, enjoy- goes without saying, you lot can live without my ramblings. But low and behold people out there in cyber world felt their day was not complete with out a little Pelicula 64 in it, who knew, and thanks.
Anyway not to disparage both these fantastic places, but it goes to show if your working outside the country you have be prepared for just about anything. Being someone who has done this and thinks they are prepared, it can bring you to your knees pretty quickly if you are not on the ball. So basically No power, different voltage, no cell phone, Tri band didn't work, and don't think that every town you will be in will have a radio shack on the corner. This was a simple problem which could easily have been averted if I was not so nonchalant about it but try getting through Heathrow Airport nonchalantly if you have more than one carry on, that will screw up your days work in a hurry. Now I know what you are saying, I knew that, but this isn't the States. When they say one bag they mean ONE bag. No computer and shoulder bag. No purse and computer bag. So which would you like to give up, your shot film bag or your computer. These were the options been bandied about when we arrived with 4 carry on between 2 people. This has been implemented since last years bomb threats and they implement it with almost gleeful zeal. Americans in Heathrow seem especially bamboozled by this, many of them losing their minds at an astonishing rate. Its quite funny really. Of course if you don't speak the English, forget it. I noticed Japanese people standing at the entrance looking about as lost as one can in another country. I asked a British friend how they are manage to work with these restrictions, "its painful". They would rather come to the States and rent absolutely everything than go through the hastle. Plus your only allowed 20Kilos (40lbs or so)in the hold, internally in the EU, so you pay through the nose to get it on if you bring any grip, lighting etc. To say the least my 8x10 kit came in over. So hope this helps any of you travelling for work or pleasure, its worth taking a little time to do some homework and figure the ins and outs. All that being said you can drink Rose in France and Guinness in Ireland and that make all the Travails a little rosier.

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