Monday, May 7, 2007


NYC, 600-1500ft above sea level, 4:37 p.m.

Columbia County Fire Tower, N.Y., 1260ft above sea level, 11:24 a.m.

As almost all photographers will tell height is one of the most valuable assists in shooting anything or anybody. How many times have you said to yourself " if I could only get up a little higher" or "where's the ladder... what do ya mean ya didn't bring it". Well this weekend I was lucky enough to get more than those couple of feet. First I was able to traverse lower Manhattan in a helicopter. Couldn't get the 8x10 in but seeing as I was petrified to even move my head I don't think I could have used it anyway. The 4/3 format I have with my digital is really close to the large format dimension so it gives me a very close approximation of what I would see if I could get a view camera to these areas. This is the second time I have been up in a chopper and it is spectacular. Once you get over the initial butterflies and see whats around you, it really is an awesome sight. Unfortunately the blog hurts the image quality so go here for a closer look.
I then found one of the many Fire Towers still standing and dotting New York State. As you can see the panoramas are wonderful, and with any luck this may be a new segment of SKYSCAPES. Thought the 1.65 mile, up hill trek through the State Park might hinder this being a very regular occurrence. We'll see.
PS With all this running around I missed the donnybrook over the Gursky opening at WTJ 'Gursky revealed'. I do have to drop by and see the monsters for myself but for now I will keep my head down, out of the way of the bottle throwing and keep trying to figure out how he gets a view camera 600ft up in in the air over the desert?

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